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Stone Work

Would you like to have some stone work done on your home but you don’t know whom to call? Do you live in or near the Elizabethtown, NC area? Well, if you are in need of stone work, wouldn’t you want to hire the very best contractor for an important job like that? So if you live near Elizabethtown, well that is pretty fortunate, because there is a fabulous masonry and concrete contractor near you, and they happen to specialize in stone work for residential properties. Which company is that? It’s us of course! We are Nick's Masonry, the premier choice in the Elizabeth town area for all of your concrete and masonry needs. We would love to help you upgrade the look of your home, so give us a call and get us on that job ASAP!


Here at Nick's Masonry, we know that having great prices is very important when it comes to home improvement services and various labor-intensive contracting services. Everyone is always looking to save money. Part of having good customer service, is making sure your customers are actually happy with the services they have been rendered. The price they paid for that service absolutely plays a major part in those happiness levels, so it stands to reason that having great prices means you have pretty good customer service. We are constantly striving to give our clients the very best deals that we can give them, because we value those clients and want to give them our help on every possible avenue. We are a truly fantastic company dedicated to our cleints’ satisfaction.


So if you are in need of stone work around Elizabethtown, look no further than us, here at Nick's Masonry.

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